What You See Is All There Is …Or is it?

A designed experience inspired by Daniel Kahneman’s popular theory of the cognitive bias and heuristics that distorts our judgements with situations, events and people.

A vibrant festoon-like wire mesh is strung across the tree lined boulevard. Surprisingly luminescent in the night sky, what you see reflected below is dependent on your angle of view and your height as much as the direction in which light falls, the texture of paint & mesh surface. For no two people viewing the installation would the visual ever be the exact same, ever.

This installation was a study in the interaction between and the coming together of the different elements that lead to a new visual each time, and in doing so, it seeks to reinforce the variance, distortion and biases that exists in human interactions, experiences and perceptions. 

WYSIATI, New Delhi

Embassy Of Italy, 50, Chandra Gupta Marg Chanakyapuri - N.D. 110021