trick by trick

Lighting design practice, Design Matrix recently showcased an enticing collection of artistic experiments in the exhibition titled ‘Trick by Trick’, hosted at the LSI Light Studio in New Delhi last month. Playing tricks with Trick, the versatile light fitting by iGuzzini, designer Harmeet Singh Issar conceived of a series of exciting artworks and installations that traced the conjunction of light, shadow and art. Singh elucidates on its theory of thought - Icarus: “The form was an accidental spill of these ‘gaur gum’ beads. And Icarus was invoked. Refining them into this ethereal Greek. God, destined for flight and his tragic end by light…” Of Dark Comets and Prancing Peacocks: “Light and shadow play using empty paint bottles, filter gels and Trick. To some it evokes comets with dark and coloured trails, plummeting into the sun. To others, it is a dancing peacock on an overcast rainy day. To us, it was another fun filled experiment with light.” Phirki: “Our fun-filled take on a Diwali Phirki, but with light…. As much thrill without pollution.” Time At The Speed Of Light: “K?lá or ‘time’ is not always distinguishable from k?la meaning ‘black’, both derived from the Tamil root kaalam. This correlation between time and darkness is the essence of this installation where space, time and shadow (and therefore light) come together.”

trick by trick, India Design Week 2017, New Delhi

NSIC ground, Okhla, New Delhi