heritage transport museum

In considering the evolution of local, particularly rural, means of transportation in India, it is clear that this frequently demonstrates inspired and ingenious solutions to everyday problems. The so called Jugaad automobile is one of the highlights and symbolises the best of frugal engineering in India. A simple work-around represents the maximising of meagre resources in a creative, out of the box, way of thinking called 'life-hacking'. The lighting design for the museum takes it inspiration from what is increasingly becoming an effective and widely accepted management technique the world over – Jugaad innovation. The lighting does what needs to be done with a complete disregard to what is conventionally applied in this type of situation. The design of the light fixture developed for the project, using locally and readily available material and skill, makes no fuss and has no pretensions. Yet it conceals contemporary lighting technology which replaces the energy inefficient, short-life tungsten halogen lamp and reduces operational and maintenance costs for the museum.

Heritage Transport Museum, Bilaspur

Bilaspur, India
Jyoti Rath Associates
Culture + Heritage