the sunshine tower

'…Raja was like the proud father whose child has stood for the first time'. His instinctive reaction, when approached to discuss lighting concepts for the building, was 'stay away from it! The building was nearly complete when Design Matrix came on board. At this stage, the task of providing electrical services to the external façades of the towering structure was daunting. But when the architect saw imagery of the proposed façade lighting, he became supportive and agreed to a demonstration mock up. The rest became history. Six weeks later, sixty-four LED grazers in custom RAL colour to match the steel finish, using less than 100W per fixture, with precise narrow beam distribution, were mounted 200mm from the bracing members, making it appear as if the structure itself was exuding light from the cross points. During the day, sun reflects from the building's polished surfaces. But at night, the lighting reinterprets the story of its architectural integrity through strong expression of its exoskeletal form

Sunshine Towers, Mumbai

Mumbai, India
Raja Aederi Consultants