shangri-la grand ballroom, surabaya, indonesia

When the lighting design team began the work, it kept the budget in mind. But during the process it became clear that a prestigious hotel, such as a Shangri-La, deserved more than the original budget could provide for. Accordingly, during the concept design stage, the idea of colour changing light was introduced. Because the ballroom is used for many different type of events – from the weighty and serious to the flamboyant and the glitzy – and like an actor, the space changes its costume according to the show…! Alive and ever-changing, for each type of use it presents a new image belonging to that occasion. The technical solution was simple - keeping the same white light chandeliers, which work magnificently for sophisticated and elegant celebrations, easily programmable RGBW LED based fixtures were added to create a whole new range of ambiences for other events. The client enthusiastically supported the concept and became so convinced that he agreed to increase the original budget by a factor of four. Like many, he was won over by the potential of the infinitely variable scenarios which LED technology has created.

Shangri-La, Surabaya

Surabaya, Indonesia