/see:/ experiments in light

As a society highly under the influence of the visual media, we sometimes forget that appearances can be deceptive and that while what we see: is real, there may be an alternative reality, another truth. The 2013 edition of see: aimed to initiate a dialogue in the city - to have people talk and play with the visual and re-look at the obvious in order to gain dramatically different effects. see: began as a series of installations which explore the connection between art, media and light. Since we can hardly claim to be artists in the conventional sense, the thought behind the exhibition was not art for art's sake. Rather, it was a medium to demonstrate a new way of looking and perceiving, a fresh perspective on the familiar and an event to engender discussion. The installations were informed by the diverse backgrounds of the Design Matrix team and reflected the coming together of each member's training in architecture, experience with technology, experiments with light and interest in art. Each installation comprised a mini environment, and just as one does not react to an environment as if it were merely a perspective, photograph or slide, one was forced to participate in the installation – to act in it and act on it, rather than just observe; one's actions formed an integral part of these immersive installations.

/see:/ experiments in light, Delhi

New Delhi, India