the right address

Home to two internationally acclaimed names in handcrafted traditions - one in fine crystal, the other in bejewelled objets d'art - ‘The Right Address’ is a luxury lifestyle boutique store within Delhi's premium retail location, the DLF Emporio Mall. On display are not simply exquisite works in crystal or elaborate home accessories. Here one experiences the joy of a handcrafted piece, the precision of a master artisan and creative traditions stretching back over centuries. This experience cannot be found in regular stores, rather it is the domain of the museum. In fact, the glass sculptures by Steuben are exhibited in international museum collections. With their unique prismatic crystal structure which captures, reflects and refracts light, the required lighting design was tightly prescribed to ensure that these captivating visual qualities were fully realised. The lighting design takes its cue from the architectural setting and, instead of being an obvious visual element in its own right, it gracefully recedes into the background to enable the beauty of the pieces to take centre stage. The lighting concept wholly deviates from the frequent practice of flooding a retail space with high levels of uniformly distributed light. It seeks instead to create a museum-like setting. It is designed to compel attention to the ethereal glow of the radiant crystal masterpieces, similar to those displayed at the Louvre or Prado. No visible light sources, no glare - only precision light where required. Inexorably, the visitor is drawn towards the radiant object, with the desire to own and possess it……!

The Right Address, Delhi

New Delhi, India
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