pvr director’s cut

The entire space for the Director’s Cut caters to a diverse programme – it is home to a cordon bleu restaurant, a book shop and an exhibition space dedicated to the work of great directors. Its unique ceiling design features suspended 'jali' (lattice screen) panels in a carefully constructed square spiral pattern. These are highlighted by continuous LED based lighting in a warm colour temperature. Supplementing the warm, diffuse, linear lighting are pin-hole halogen spotlights which pick up textures and colours in the food at the restaurant. Lighting has also been carefully integrated into the architecture of the auditorium entrance portals, the bookshelves and the box office double height foyer. The entire space is designed to intrigue and attract the public as a totally new type of experience. A visitor walking through the portals is immediately engaged in the world of cinema to become immersed in the best of movie-going and fine dining experiences.

PVR Director's Cut, Delhi

New Delhi, India
Spazzio Designs
Retail + Entertainment