re-development of city streets, lucknow

In 2009, when LDA undertook the redevelopment of some areas of the city, Design Matrix was required to both comply with government protocols, and deeply embedded cultural practices, as well to respect the centuries of heritage which lay embedded in its streets. The resulting lighting masterplan sought to reflect the city's strong visual and social heritage and to introduce the advantages of modern lighting technologies. The street and road lighting has an integral colour coding feature, which is used to divert, guide and manage traffic from a central control room during events and special occasions. For environmental reasons the characteristics of the specified light source excluded the use of mercury, whilst providing for a lamp life of four years, assuming a daily twelve hour operation. The design of the road and street fixtures houses contemporary and energy efficient precision optics and glare control technology in a traditional style of lantern.

Lucknow Street Lighting

Lucknow, UP (India)
Design Associates
Master planning & Infrastructure