loti, 27 KG Marg

The loti - installed at Parsavnath 27 KG Marg New Delhi. 

The installation seeks to recreate the imagery of lotus leaves spread over the water surface, albeit on a vertical plane. Located on the feature wall at the entry to the prestigious towers in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi, these leaf shaped modules float off the wall in varying levels, with higher density towards the centre, and slowly tapering down at the edges. Mixed media including acrylic and industrial steel with bespoke finishes are used here. We also experimented with various finishes to understand the interaction of daylight and artificial lighting by night. The surface treatment for this outdoor installation is done to last upto ten years with minimal or no touch ups required if maintained periodically.


loti, 27 KG Marg, Delhi

The Parsvnath, 27 K. G. Marg, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi