looks salon

This new outlet in the collection of Looks stores across north India is eclectic, yet smart. But what sets it apart from its competitors is its award-winning, innovative, lighting which is designed to define the customer experience at every step. On entering the salon, the ambient light levels are kept low and are tuned to be calming. For clients who are already nervous about how their session will turn out, first impressions help soothe nerves and set the mood for the rest of the visit. Throughout the entire visit as the client focuses on hair, skin and makeup, the quality of the light renders skin tones in a warm radiant glow. Clients do not cringe as they see themselves in the mirrors; there are no stark shadows from harsh overhead lighting and no 'cold' light which makes people look washed out and tired. As they walk out into the daylight, with a new look and a new self, clients never think of the lighting which was carefully created to ensure that they, literally, saw themselves in the best light…!

Looks Salon, Gurgaon

Gurgaon, Haryana (India)
DCA, Delhi
Retail + Entertainment