DIAL hospitality district, aerocity

In order to establish Aerocity as a unified hospitality district and a destination in itself, it was important to plan a distinct night time identity. Lighting helps to help reinforce this by contributing at differing levels and uniting the visual components which comprise the precinct. Any conurbation, regardless of scale, is composed of vistas, linkages, nodes, edges and landmarks; as lighting provides definition, legibility and readability across these elements, it also creates a unified identity at night. Within Aerocity differing lighting strategies are used to account for the speed of traffic movement on varying road categories. Whilst the spacing, height of poles and light output varies, a strong sense of cohesion and unity remains through the design character of the poles, their colour and the colour temperature of the light distributed from them. The road and street lighting reinforces a character which underpins the progressive and innovative image of Aerocity. Additionally, the pedestrian spine is a vibrant axis which energises the central space and creates an exciting retail and recreational destination.

GMR Aerocity , Delhi

New Delhi, India
Kuiper Compagnon