residence for the dewans

When this residence for an architect / friend / client arose, it not only blurred the definition of what fell within the Design Matrix scope of work, but the design also blurred the boundaries between what is external and internal, what is architecture, what is lighting and what is ‘a light’ ? Discussions would often begin late at night. They would start with lighting but soon cross fade to the selection of interior finishes, detailing or where the kitchen table should be located. As design progressed and interior spaces merged with the exterior, the highlighting of interior surfaces became key elements of the façade lighting. Slits, openings, recesses in ceilings and floors began to reveal light whilst carefully concealing its source. Daylight was frequently borrowed from generous courtyards, transition spaces and spill out areas to provide for natural light in living areas. At dusk, roles reversed and interior electric light contributed to the lighting of outdoor spaces. One can only speculate whether this was an efficient lighting design process or an unusually collaborative design effort. However, the end result does represent a total convergence of design thought and an enhanced level of architectural lighting design.

Residence for the Dewans, Gurgaon

Gurgaon, Haryana (India)
HIVE Studio, Gurgaon