Inspired by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem by the same name, ‘brook’ is a custom-designed, dynamic installation. Floating above the dining space of a large corporate headquarters it makes for an arresting view through the façade and an engaging experience when indoor. Like a brook, the installation flows & ebbs, turns & curves; and even though people come & people go, the brook’s movement remains perpetual. This dynamism in the form of a continually changing visual spectrum. A highly reflective mirrored finish ring reflects the coming and going, eating and drinking that goes on under it, while providing 500+ lux at full intensity. Superimposed over this is a layer of saturated light that drenches the space in colored hues. The installation is composed of nearly 800 light fixtures, weighing 17 tons, spread over 1500 sq. ft., suspended mid-air at 17’ above floor. From ensuring structural integrity, to the inter-weaving of building services; from designing controls to ball-socket joints; from logistic planning, to the coming together of architectural thought, lighting intent, product design, structural engineering & electrical trades, 'the brook' represents life & an ecosystem in itself

brook, bangaluru

Helios Business Park 150 Outer Ring Road Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru