anant, Le Meridien

‘Anant’, as the name suggests, is a connotation for the infinite. The installation at the gallery was, in fact, a mockup of the original exhibit displayed in Delhi’s Le Meridien Hotel. The work invigorates sensorial perceptions d transports the spectator into a subconscious time lapse of visual and visceral contemplation. A translucent arch shaped honeycomb created out of stacking 300 acrylic cubes with programmed lights is an ideation of multiple guest rooms located one above the other. “Placed against the existing black glass façade of the atrium, the semicircular form reflects in the mirror and completes the entire circle, keeping true to its name,” explains Issar. The negative of a doorway lintel is carved out of the structure, creating a sense of architectural wonder.Sitting on a raised pedestal that houses wiring, gives an illusion of the piece floating. Issar adds, “We incorporated Color Kinetics to orchestrate a dynamic, colour changing lighting scheme, and tocreate an interactive stimulant for the space.” The installation thus becomes a surreal archway through which one passes to reach the other side.

anant, Le Meridien, Delhi

Windsor Place, New Delhi 110001, India.