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dr. bhimrao ambedkar parivartan prateek sthal

Much has been talked about the objectives which lie behind the controversial Ambedkar Memorial at Lucknow. But in all the debate, the architectural marvel that this grand structure represents has been largely overlooked. Realized entirely in stone, it has been designed to stand the test of time – a monument built in the modern era but founded in the rich heritage and practices of history.

At the heart of this 100 acre campus lies the Ambedkar Stupa. Inspired by Buddhist teachings and philosophy its form, in plan, is that of a four petal flower. The concept of the lighting is based on the panch-varna, or the rainbow body – the highest state of meditation in which matter begins to transform into pure light. RGB LED luminaires, in corrosion resistant stainless steel housings, are carefully recessed in waterproof pits. At night these, and other state of the art lighting technologies, bring the silent monumental structures to life and fulfil the client's brief to last at least three hundred years.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Parivartan Prateek Sthal

Lucknow, UP (India)
Design Associates
Culture + Heritage