exploring with light

the language of light knows no boundaries

We recognise that what we do is not immediately obvious. Given below is a glimpse of some of our completed projects - how we engaged in them according to type and relationships, and why we took the design decisions we did. Most of our work has been in India but we believe the lighting design process supports any form of architecture or interior design - anywhere in the world.


retail + entertainment
culture + heritage
healthcare + wellness
installations + exhibitions

The manner in which the pieces are lit lends them a distinctly sculptural quality whilst still enabling the important details and features to be seen clearly. Overall, the lighting contributes to a sense of visual excitement, which invites exploration and participation.

Tarun thakral - heritage transport museum

In this carefully curated potpourri of sights and smells, the lighting too is celebratory and vibrant. Design Matrix has infused the space with life and energetic vibes.

Delhi delights